Tuesday, January 12, 2010

VMTeam Treasury Watch: The Colors. The Clothing. The — Faces

Lots of good things happening on this January Tuesday. The vintage market team is hitting the pillowcases and shoes and bags and owls and spoons right out of the park wth its vmteamwhitesale. Etsy is starting to revise itself, promising it will be far more accommodating to all of its vintage shops — see the great Q & R with Rokali. And, for those addicted to eye candy, there are some luscious treasuries to behold. And more being made even as these are being shown.

VitalVintage curated the Vintage White Team Sale treasury (and even helpfully included the search tag along with it!)

That's just a sampling. But doesn't it taste good. So have a great day. And make it vintage.


  1. These are fantastic! Many thanks to those VMTeam members who have been able to nab a treasury. :) Great post!!

  2. Yes, Fabulous treasuries. Great job with this blog as well.

  3. Very Nice Collection!



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