Friday, January 8, 2010

VMTeam Works the Treasuries, part 2

Always showing the retro love, the VMTeam is creating some of etsy's best treasuries yet. Here, more recents (see the post below for the original).

Thelogchateau made this homage to Johnny Carson, Happiness is a Dry Martini.

Fadedfrocks did her first treasury ever with the very witty Day in the Life Of.

TeaathomewithOlivia cooked up this spcy-hot treasury, A Caliente Kitchen.

Ebony and Ivory come together in this treasury by zephyrvintage.

Stay tuned for more. There's always more with the VMTeam!


  1. Awesome to see how our team members are creating these treasuries! They are doing a fantastic job. Many thanks for posting some of them!

  2. I think these treasuries are fun and great team work from everyone!



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