Saturday, April 24, 2010


BY: AntiquesGaloreGal
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Vintage lovers always say collecting is recycling and it's going "green". Of course that is true, but to me collecting is somthing I do because I love time worn treasures. Some items however, no matter how much loved, are not useable for their original purpose. They may be too fragile or too rusty. That's when it's time to repurpose the item. Not change it, that would be upcycling, just find a unique use for it.

While looking through my etsy Vintage Market Team shops, I came across these photographs from TeaAthomeWithOlivia. They are prefect examples of how a vintage item can become useful in a new way.

This ladle has become a flower pot. Imagine how a row of differen sizes would look!

That same ladle could be used for candles!
More information on this item can be found HERE.
This funnel has been converted to a vase.
Imagine the posibilitie!!
More information on this item can be found HERE.
All photos reprinted with the permission of TeaAtHomeWithOlivia
Do you have a vintage item that you have repurposed? Let us know and we may use it in an upcoming post.
Send your idea along with your photo to AntiquesGaloreGal or TheVintageButtonJar
(photo must be your own and you must give vmteam permission to reprint it on the blog)


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my items. It's always fun finding items to use for another purpose. Look forward to future posts with repurpose vintage.

  2. Great ideas, Olivia! I've got some rusty old things in my other Etsy shop. Thinking cap officially on. : )



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