Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Meet the Members of Vintage Market Team- Ismoyo of Ismoyo

1- Tell us a bit about you?

I'm Ismoyo Green, people call me Issey. Born and raised in Amsterdam and moved to NY a couple of years ago. Married to my Love who lets me bring in way too much cute and pretty vintage items!

My first treasure hunts were playing over at my grandparents houses. I could watch time tick away on the travel alarm clocks of my grandfather. Play with all the pretty figurines in my grandmother's house. And breakfast always tasted better when eaten from the fifties dinnerware at my other grandma.

In my teens, my friends were always laughing when i used to tell them "Don't throw that away, it might be worth something later!". I would inspect everything that looked anything close to a collectible!

2- What do you sell?

I started out on Etsy as a handmade artist a couple of years ago. During that time i also published a craft book, "100 applique motifs". I loved being a crafter, but while craft supplies were taking over my work room, so were my vintage items taking over the entire house! It started out as just putting a couple of vintage items for sale to de-clutter a bit, but quickly my whole shop turned vintage. I try to only sell items I love myself, let my shop be a reflection of me. So what is in there? All things cute and pretty from the 1950’s to the 1970’s. Home d├ęcor, figurines, kitchenware, toys, childrens books, those sort of things.

3- Favorite decade for vintage?

My eye goes to the designs of the fifties, the happiness of the sixties and the colors of the seventies.

4- Favorite vintage item you own? Or regret having sold in the past?

I have a couple of vintage collections that I wouldn’t want to part with ever. Like my huge big eyed art collection. Our livingroom looks somewhat like a museum! And my rubber dolls, I might have sold a few to justify new purchases, but I will never part with the group.

And I have a thing for vintage childrens picture dictionaries. I used to do a lot of illustration work and still do from time to time, and these books are such inspirations to me!

I try not to regret anything I sell in my shop. But there was this sweet fuzzy haired Berrie figurine that I sold to one of my favorite customers a long time ago. Afterwards I thought I wouldn’t have mind keeping that. But then, one day, the thrifting gods were shining over me and I found a whole box of different early 1970s Berrie figurines! Including the one I had sold before!

5- Favorite item you are currently selling? And why?

This adorable vintage doll. She is too cute for her own good. Now that I’m looking at her again, I’m thinking that I might have to take her out of my shop again and keep her here!

6- Best advice for newbies?

Don’t underestimate the work that goes into building your business. And do your research. Try to enjoy doing research.

7- Favorite web sites? Or blogs? (Clickable links, please.)

Cathy of California for all the scans of vintage craft books:
Vintage childrens books my kid loves, if you love those illustrations as much as I do:
Thriftcore, Van is a sweetie who is obsessed with thrifting and shares tips and her scores:

8- Favorite movies? Or TV?

I love the old Ginger Rogers Fred Astaire movies, but I also like movies like Julie and Julia and 500 days of Summer. TV? Mad Men, of course. American Pickers, of course. I loved the Sopranos when it was still on. I also like shows like Top Chef, Project Runway and HGTV’s Design Star. But I won’t stay home for it.

9- Favorite music?

Can I plug? Have to say Gregg Green. Yes he’s my husband, but I really, really love his music. Would love it even if I didn’t know him personally.You can listen to a lot of his work on youtube Plus his music brought me to Tokyo, which other musician did that for me?

10- Favorite books? Authors?

“The Earth’s Children” Series by Jean M. Auel, “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho and “Mutant Message Down Under” by Marlo Morgan.You will also find me reading those vintage mushy romance novels if I can’t get to sleep.

11- Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Probably still selling because I will probably still be buying and going on treasure hunts! But by that time hopefully with one or two kids running behind me.

12- What else should we know about you/ your business?

I love hazelnut iced coffee and Juniors Cheesecake.

13- List your (clickable) links.

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