Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meet the Members of Vintage Market Team- VirgosVintage

1- Tell us a bit about you?

I am a graphic designer by day, vintage collector/seller/lover by night! Originally from the Finger Lakes region of New York, I moved to Northern Virginia in 2004. Last year my wonderful husband and I purchased our first house—a 1949 rambler in the heart of Fairfax, Virginia. We live there with our dog, Abby, and cat, Lady Meow Meow. I am active and always looking for something to take up my time. In addition to Virgo's Vintage, I like to sew, quilt, crochet, cook, and generally be creative. But my true love is the thrill of seeing what great finds are at thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets, and rummage sales. I started "building my inventory" in late 2009 and opened Virgo's Vintage in January 2010, so I am fairly new to selling vintage and still get excited every time I make a sale.

2- What do you sell?

I sell a little of everything, but I love, love, love vintage jewelry! I love chunky pieces with bold color...and enameled brooches make me swoon!

3- Favorite decade for vintage?

Items from the 60s always seem to catch my eye, and I love art deco and art nouveau pieces from the early 1900s.
4- Favorite vintage item you own? Or regret having sold in the past?

I am a sucker for punch bowls (I have three sets) and anything Pyrex (again, I have three sets). I haven't sold anything that I regret...yet.

5- Favorite item you are currently selling? And why?

Everything I sell I love. But, if I had to choose an item that I wouldn't be upset if it didn't sell, it would be my "Vintage Good Day, Bad Day Figurine". I think it is hard for people to see online, but his hat flips back and forth to show a happy and mad face underneath each side. I think he is just the cutest thing! He's sitting right next to my computer at home.

6- Best advice for newbies?

I am pretty new myself, but I guess I would say to maintain your page, respond to emails and orders quickly, and take a little time when packaging. I usually use a jewelry box with a ribbon around it and write a quick thank you note on the packaging slip.

7- Favorite web sites? Or blogs? (clickable, please)

Better After:
Not Martha:

8- Favorite movies? Or TV?

Movies: The Big Lebowski, The Fifth Element, and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy

TV: Mad Men, Project Runway, American Pickers (my mom met them at a picking site in New York!)

9- Favorite music?

Anything classic rock—from Led Zeppelin to Fleetwood Mac.

10- Favorite books? Authors?

Currently reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels, but I loved the Happy Potter series and I especially like Kurt Vonnegut and David Sedaris.

11- Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Living back in Western New York with my husband and family, working as a freelance graphic designer and selling vintage!

12- What else should we know about you/your business?

I think my love of thrifting started when I was in junior high school and the grunge look was in. I would go to the Salvation Army and find all the old-men-cardigans, dirty jeans, and souvenir t-shirts I could for $20. I could spend hours! What beats that?

13- List your (clickable) links.

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