Monday, January 17, 2011

Treasury Challenge # 18... Winter Sports (AND NEW TERMS!), Voter, Winner Announced

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the Vintage Market Team's newest Treasury Challenge! Challenges are great because they not only allow us to promote on another, but it also allows us to stretch our creativity a bit and have some fun!

The theme for this challenge will be "Winter Sports". This theme celebrates cold weather activities.


Now the winner of the previous weeks' treasury challenge will have one of their items picked to be included in this week's treasuries!  Last week's winter romance winner was Amys Old School!  All entries must include 1974 Bowl and Score Game from AmysOldSchool

1- Follow our blog!

2- Link back this blog post in your treasury comments. This helps others find the challenge and enter.

3- The treasury must be put in Treasury East during the week of the challenge.

4- Add your treasury to the linky so visitors can find it easily.

5- Your treasury must contain the item shown above, in one of the first three rows.

6- Tour treasury must contain the tags "vmteamchallenge", "vmteamchallengesports" and "etsyteamtreasury".

7- When tweeting your treasury, use the hashtags #EtsyTeamTreasury and #VMTEAM .

8- You must include at least 8 Vintage Market Team members' items (found using the search term "vmteam" under the vintage tab).

9- Your treasury must contain a mix of handmade and vintage items.

10- The treasury must NOT contain one of your own items.

11- Submissions are due by Friday at 9 pm EST.

Have fun making these treasuries! And feel free to be as creative as you want with the theme!


Time to Vote: VMTEAM Snow Challenge!
We have three great treasuries to choose from this week!

Pure White by AmysOldSchool

White Out by VirgosVintage

Apres Ski by LucyandEthel


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