Friday, February 11, 2011

Photography Friday

Lets Get Creative! 
With the thousands of vintage items listed on Etsy, adding a creative touch to your photos will help your items be clicked on, featured in treasuries, make the front page, and ultimately be purchased! Let's take a peek at the February Merchandising Desk on Etsy, where we can discover what is being promoted as popular this month. If you have these type of items in your shop, it may help you get more hits to your site since this is what people will be searching for. Here are some VMTEAM mates who are putting that extra bit of creativity into their photography and that hit on some of the trends for the month. 


 4 wooden drawers boxes 

by: Austin Modern

Vintage children's blocks are a great way to add a graphic punch to a photo. Letters are popular on Etsy and they can be arranged into words or names. Stacking the drawers at an  angle with the letters gives a great geometric feel. Unique storage options are also ever popular. 


Justin Boots  

by:Now Vintage

What a fun way to bring nature into a photo of boots! Setting up a still life with twigs as in a "vase" looks fabulous and creates a natural, woodland theme indoors!


Echo Nautical Scarf 

by: Sempre Vintage

It is time for Nautical items to make their appearance again! A vintage suitcase makes a fun and eye catching backdrop for any number of items. I know everyone has come by them in their vintage searches- they give an aged look to the photograph. Keep an array of suitcases in different colors to match your item, or just keep a neutral toned one to go with everything! 


Pink Luggage 

by:Cheeky Vintage Closet

Pink is HOT right now and these cases look fabulous stacked on top of each other!  Try stacking things in a unique way for an added interest! Other hot colors right now include turquoise, yellow, avocado, peach and oranges. Earth tones with a focus on rusts, deep greens and brown are also hot! 

Checking out the Merchandising Desk letter can help get the spark created for ideas for what Etsy will be focusing on! Having items in your shop that are hot right now will help your items be picked for more treasuries which will in turn lead to more customers and then lead to what we all like, SALES!  So, lets get creative! I want to see the VMTeam all over the front page! 


  1. Thanks for including my boots here! Yes the blog looks fantastic!! I agree!

  2. RetroTrend has been hard at work streamlining the blog!



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