Friday, March 25, 2011

Amy's Old School Tips April Merchandising

Spring has sprung and the Etsy April Merchandising letter is out. Of course the annual April holidays are listed for the month but the exciting news is that Etsy is going to be looking for treasuries and items that are unisex, men-centric and our favorite VINTAGE! Here are some VMTeam members who are hitting the bill with men-centric in mind!

Another interesting development for this month is the popularity of Little Red Riding Hood with Catherine Hardwicke's movie rendition so look for red capes, wolves, forest themes and consider how you can incorporate that with your vintage item tags! 

Vintage trends that are still going strong are: Globes, maps, crates, baskets, barware, industrial appliances, farmhouse, typewriters, cameras, letterpress, brass and cast iron animals.

Lockets, secret hiding places, skeleton keys, feathers, arrows, diamonds paper cuts, silhouettes, fortune cookies, wishbones, fortune tellers are also  remain popular. 

In Fashion look for black paired with white, gold, or navy. Orange, camel, chartreuse, lace, neon, brights. It's all about the shoulders: structured, elevated, outlined, embellished. Faux reptile skins, the 1970s revival, structured wearable art, sporty, nautical, American classics, tribal influence.

If you look through the items in your shop it is a great idea to refresh tags from time to time such as changing a color or trend key word based on the merchandising letter. When creating treasuries keep in mind what is popular during the month. This will increase the odds of your treasury making the Front Page!! It is also the time to start planning for your summer merchandise, dresses, swimsuits, picnics, bar-b-q's and all the fun that summer entails is just around the corner. Plan ahead! 


  1. Thanks so much for adding my egg basket! The tips are great and I have a picnic basket that I definitely need to tag with Red Robin Hood -- thanks!!

  2. Such a great post! Thanks so much for featuring my Little Red Riding Hood Cape!




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