Friday, March 18, 2011

Amy's Old School Tips

Creating a Treasury 101

For those of you who know how to make a treasury I have included two tid bits below about emailing all the people in the treasury at once as well as how to make a "Widget" of your treasury for promotional purposes!

But  for all you Etsy Newbies here is a lesson on how to create a treasury! Why should I learn to do that you ask? Because it is one of the BEST marketing tools we have on Etsy with the possibility of getting on Front Page! Any other reasons you ask? It is a fabulous way to promote your team mates who will in turn create a treasury and promote you! Is that all? Of course not! It also drives people to your shop as they check out who made this awesome treasury!

*This is a PC (not Mac) tutorial

Head to the front page of of Etsy and look toward the box that says "Ways to Shop" in the left corner. Here  you will see a link to "Treasury" click that.

The list of all the treasuries will now open and you then look to the right box of "Curator Tools" and click "Create a List"

You will find yourself on a screen that looks like this. Now in your browser click a new tab to open and open a second page for Etsy and in the search tool type "VMTeam" and click Vintage to see all the items the team has to offer. 

Find the item you like and look in the top url address bar and look for the list of 8 numbers (highlighted in blue toward the top of the image). Highlight that with your mouse and right click it and select "copy" image. 

Now go back to your treasury tab and put your pointer in a box that says "Listing URL". Right click your mouse and hit "Paste"  and the number will appear in this box. Click "OK" and the image of your chosen item should appear. If it doesn't check to make sure you didn't include the "/" or an extra space before or after the number.  Now do this 15 more times! 

Now, I prefer to put in the title, description and tags before I hit save but this can lead to a deleted treasury if you hit the back button or  close it by accident. If you don't have time to complete the treasury at any point in its creation you can click the "only you" button and then save and it will be saved for later editing. If you do this you need to be sure to click the "Everyone" button when you are ready for everyone to view. So, enter in your title and a description and fill in all 18 "Tags". Tags are the words that can be searched in the treasuries, include such tags as colors, styles, vintage, any descriptive word that applies and the VMTeam treasury tags that are in the blog. Hitting "Add" after each tag or placing a comma between words. You can click and drag items to different boxes at any point in time to rearrange the order of things. 

Finally, hit your "Save" button in the bottom right corner.

Now that your treasury is completed email everyone you included so they can come click, comment and post it to their Twitter and Facebook accounts. The more "buzz" a treasury gets the higher it moves up the list of treasuries and then the  more likely it will make the coveted Front Page. Now I have added an "AP" or Application that emails all the people included at once. What a time saver it is. Here is the link on Browser Extension. 

Here is the complete "School Isn't Out Yet!" Treasury.
If you like you can get a "Widget", a picture like the above one to use in your Facebook or blog to advertise your treasury from Craft Cult.

Important note: If you don't have time to create a treasury yourself take a moment to go to the team discussion page to see what treasuries your team mates have created. You can click and comment on those and help promote them! It is considered a new view if you visit a treasury again after 30 minutes has passed. You can even make another comment at that point!

Feel free to post any questions, if you have a question that means someone else is wondering the same thing!

Now you are ready to participate in our weekly Treasury Challenges! If you win the challenge one of your shop items will be chosen to be used in the next weeks challenge!!
Happy Treasuries Everyone!  


  1. Thank you for this awesome post! I know it would have been so helpful if when I was learning how to make treasuries to have this kind of detailed description! And I didn't know about how to email to everyone in the treasury at once! That is a great time saver!!

  2. Thanks NowVintage! The email ap is awesome!

  3. You have addressed two questions I have had. I have wondered why there wasn't a way to convo everyone at once - thanks for making that possible for me to do now!
    And I wondered how you were able to show the entire treasury in your blog. Now I know how to do that too! This was a very helpful blog! Thanks for taking the time to share!
    Patty from HeritageGeneralStore

  4. Excellent tutorial!! So great that you included all the screen shots. I learn visually, so this is perfect for me. I didnt know that if you waited 30 minutes and returned to the treasury it would count as another view. Great to know!

  5. So glad this answered a few questions!!



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