Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Tip 2011, Week 8

Beware The Hatching Birdseed!

Today, Tippy the Tuesday Tip Woman has a tale to tell.  Her friend, Zelda, stored birdseed in the garage.  It sat there a very long time. One spring morning, Zelda started noticing little moths.  They were not floppy, dusty porchlight moths.  Oh, no.

No, these were little, hungry, dark triangles.  New moths appeared every day for weeks.  They looked for anything to eat.  They found old boxes and built their cocoons, hiding down in the cardboard's corrugated sides.  They found old wool blankets used for moving furniture.  They found jackets.  They slipped into the house. They were ready to take over.

Zelda spent many hours killing moths and searching for the source.  The garage got cleaner and emptier than it had ever been.  Finally she pried the lid off the bucket marked Birdseed.   The heap of seed inside was roiling with mothdom.

Now we can fast-forward to the moral of the story.  Beware the birdseed!   Zelda still feeds the chickadees.  But she buys seed in smaller bags, and keeps them in the freezer.   Her vintage textiles and her wool sweaters are safer.

The Vintage Market Team is always looking for ways to care for our precious vintage objects.  Share your methods for cleaning, stain removal, storage, protection, etc.  Submit your tips to ThreeOldKeys, and we'll use them in future Tuesday Tips.

VMTeam cannot be responsible for any damage caused by suggestions shared here.

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  1. Wow, I'm going to check my birdseed bag in the basement. And put it in the freezer!
    I learned the hard way to also freeze my bags of flour when I bring them home, before I store them in the cupboard. Then they are bug free when I get the urge to bake bread...




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