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Amy's Old School Tips Netiquette

Netiquette according to Wikipedia  is (short for "network etiquette" or "Internet etiquette")  a set of social conventions that facilitate interaction over networks

"The Blue Book of Social Usage"  Emily Post 

By: Texarrakis

Just as there are rules for etiquette regarding our table manners, such as using a napkin not our sleeve to wipe our mouth, there are rules for interaction on our Etsy Network. Often times these are unwritten and thus some people don't know about these social conventions. Here are some Netiquette rules for Etsy as well as our Vintage Market Team regarding Treasuries and Blogs. 

Retro New With Tag Napkins 

By: Vintage Linens

I think it is pretty common knowledge that if you are included in a treasury that you should go and comment, click and promote via twitter or Face Book etc. But, here is an additional team neatiquette convention; support your team mates treasuries even if you aren't in them! They should be posted to the team Discussions page in the 50% or 100% team treasury sections or Treasury Challenge section.  Go take a look comment and click on those treasuries! Part of the advantages of being on a team is help in promoting, it is a little bit of a "pay it forward" type of a system. With 170 members on our team we could have some very popular treasuries if we can get more views from team members! 

B By: Falcon and Finch

L By: Gingers Girl

Any way you can get free promotion will help your store grow in hearts and sales. If you are lucky enough to be featured in someone's blog it is polite netiquette to go to the blog and leave a comment that relates to the blog as well as thank the author for including you in it! If you are included in a blog this is the perfect opportunity for self promotion! Post a link on your Facebook, store description or Tweet the link to your followers! Not only is this free advertising for you, it helps the blogger get more views which is a great way to thank them! 

We have a lot of fabulous team members in our Vintage Market with wonderful items. With a little bit of Netiquitte we can go from struggling along independently to a vibrant support system!

I have just covered treasuries and blogs in this netiquette discussion. What other types of netiquette do you feel apply to Etsy as a whole and our Vintage Market Team specifically?


  1. Great item picks AND rules of the road, so to speak. We're all busy but it is so important ot support fellow team members in any way possible. Bravo!

  2. Wow Amy, fantastic article and advice. Sometimes we get so busy and we forget these simple but necessary and important things. And sometimes we do need reminding. Thank you sooooo much for all you do for the team. I for one, truly appreciate this article and all the other great tips and posts. Thank you for your hard work and time!

  3. Thanks for the kind comments! It is the extra bit of effort that makes all the difference!

  4. Hi Amy!
    As a newer member of the Vintage Market Team, you've made me feel really welcome! Thank you so much for including my vintage hankie, and shop in your blog!
    I'll pass it along on facebook and twitter!
    Take care, Diane :O)

  5. Great tips as always!!

    Thank you for including my L in your very creative montage.

  6. Thanks for the tips. I love to make treasuries and do find it frustrating when only the featured sellers comment. I agree that if we all do just a little bit, we could have very successful treasuries. If just half of us committed to checking out the VMTeam treasuries at least 3 days/week, think of how many more comments and views we could generate :)

  7. Diane MC - Welcome to the Team!

    Angela - You are welcome-you have so many great letters!

    Blessed - Great idea - to check back at least 3x a week and comment on other team mates treasuries!

    Anyone have any other netiquette points?

  8. Wow, thank you indeed for including my listing for Etiquette by Emily Post! This is a great guide on netiquette, and I'm honored to be a part of it!

  9. Gene, Your book was perfect for the theme!

  10. Thanks for including my item, Amy. These are awesome tips for promoting. I do believe that "Netiquette" is a very important part of belonging to the VMTeam and I am a proud member! Thanks again!

  11. great article Amy! thanks for taking the time to write this

  12. Thanks VintageLinens and ModGirlVintage!



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