Friday, May 27, 2011

Amy's Old School Tips - June Merchandising

June is almost here and it is considered the first month of Summer! So, welcome warm, long days  of warmth and ease! The "central merchandising (theme) will focus on Father's Day, wedding season, and outdoor activities." You can read the entire  Etsy June Merchandising blog  if you choose as I am only going to point out some highlights. "Tip: We're looking to introduce a wider variety of unisex, men-centric, music, and vintage niches into the regular rotation. Make sure to tag lists appropriately for the best return."

Here are some VMTeam members who hit the mark with the June Merchandising themes:

Men-centric/Fathers Day

Vintage Dart Board 

By: Chic Vintage Wear

Vintage Travel Bar 

By: Mod VintageTtravels

1950s Guardian Service Ware 

By: Hazel Home

When listing items appropriate for men consider adding men, man and Fathers Day as tags. 

Outdoor Activities

Sunset Swimming Pools Design Plan Book 1959 

By: Pardon My Past

If your items relates to the outdoors be sure to add that as a tag. 


Think outside the box as Jacquie Rae did listing these mason jars with the tag Wedding and showing how they can be used as vases and centerpieces. Monograms, wedding party gifts, favors and the bridal shower are all things to consider in this category as well. 

There are numerous Trending items but some that stood to me are:
  • Vampires (again as HBO's True Blood's new season is starting) 
  • State Fair and Carnivals
  • Throwback to the Speakeasy 
  • Large scale vintage  paper maps
  • Botanical and anatomy charts
  • Scandinavian patterns and motif
When on your vintage hunting trips keep these trends in mind and build treasuries and tag items appropriately. 

This is also the time to start thinking and planning for the holidays! They will be upon us in no time! 
Happy hunting! I can't wait to see what wonderful summer items you add! 

Feel free to post any questions or comments! 


  1. Thanks for the merchandising tips, I can use all the help I can get. It's hard to know what tags to put on what items when. It's so complicated sometimes. Thanks for adding my back pack to the post.

  2. You give us such fun tips. Great ideas too.



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