Friday, May 20, 2011

Amy's Old School Tips Keep In Touch

Vintage Fairy Queen Play Telephone 

By: Hazel Home

It is amazing that in the not to distant past the main way people kept in touch was by telephone and long distance calls were a big, expensive deal! Now in our computer age we are able to sell things online, to people around the world! This can feel huge and lonely but there are numerous ways to connect with our Vintage Market Team.


The first place to start is on the Etsy Vintage Market Team Page. A quick way to get to the team page is by going to the Community button then clicking the teams link. If you are on the Vintage Market Team it will appear on your page. If you aren't you can do a search for it by typing the team name up in the search bar.

In the discussion section of the team page is a great place to post questions which you can choose to be public or private (for team members only). We also have a location to post 50% and 100% team treasuries. It is a very supportive action to go click and comment on the treasuries posted in these sections. The Treasury Challenge and Sale Promotions will also have discussion sections here.

If you only visit one of the team media locations then the Etsy Team page is the one to go to. 


Little Bird of Happiness 

By: General Whimsy 2

Do you tweet? Well, the VMTeam Tweets! The Vintage Market Team has nearly 1500 followers! Its Twitter account is VintageMarket. This is to your advantage as the team posts links to our vintage items on a daily basis to these followers! You can also add the hast tag #vmteam to your tweets as a searchable word. If you would like more information about twitter you can check out this post "To Tweet or Not to Tweet? That is the Question" 


Oriental Fan Pin By: Artistiek Endeavors

The Vintage Market Team has two Facebook pages. The first one is a Fan page. If you are on Facebook go ahead and click the like button to become a Fan of the Vintage Market! This page posts updates to the blog and sometimes asks interactive questions about vintage topics. 


Ethel Cotton Course in Conversation 

By: World Vintage Books 

The second Facebook page is a VMTeam Chat page where you can connect with members about your daily life, questions, thoughts etc. Its purpose is to be a social outlet. You have to be a member of the VMTeam to join this group and you have to request to be in the group. 

The VMTeam Daily is a newspaper style post that is another marketing opportunity for the team. Team items are posted and people can subscribe to the feed or you can embed it in a blog or website. 

You can keep in touch with team members and happenings with all these various outlets. Don't be overwhelmed though if you don't interact on all of them. If you only do one thing check back to the team page regularly. This is the main place to get in touch with the team, it is the hub where the majority of activity occurs. 

If I left off any other outlets (besides the blog, I assumed that one was obvious in this case)  please let me know. Also, feel free to ask any questions or comment below as well! 

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  1. This is such a good article. And thanks for including my conversation books here.



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