Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Etsy Dress for Less: The Wiggle Dress

The classic staple in every vintage lovers closet!  The Wiggle Dress has made its way back to the runways thanks to shows that celebrate the 60s like Mad Men.  I love this silhouette- can make a woman look long and graceful or like a traffic stopping bombshell.  The beauty is that the neckline always draws the eye up to the face (after a brief stop at the waist) whether it is a simple boat or something a bit more elaborate a la 1950's.  These are the kind of dresses that always made Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin's heads swivel.

Lets take a peak at what unique vintage gems we can find
on Etsy Vintage Market Team  for this smokin' look. 

The red siren: when men was men and dames was dames! 
The classic at the absolute bargain sale price of $58.50!

The classic ladies LBD-
At $59 you'd be hard pressed to find a better,
and more fashionable, deal!

The scalloped neck and beadwork on this beauty are exquisite! 
At $135, she's one classy chassis!

If your handy with a Singer, why not sculpt your own sheath with a vintage pattern?  $14.99 and a trip to the fabric store can open a world of curvy possibilities!

Vintage Butterick Sewing Pattern Scoop Dress Pencil Skirt by Swoonantiques

When you need a pick-me-up, a pretty day dress can chase those blues away and even turn a few heads at the supermarket! 
Cheaper and more fun than a facial for $40.

Maybe you'd rather turn heads on the dancefloor? 
At $24, you'll have plenty left over for the drinks and cab fare!

Now get out those spanx and show off those curves!


  1. Love the look! I want to make a new dress from a vintage pattern and vintage fabric. But, I need a bit of a lesson as I can sew but not THAT good!

  2. Gorgeous choices for the wiggle frock! I'm honored to be among them.

  3. I love these Dress for Less features! This one in particular is near and dear to my heart, not only because an item from my shop is noted, but because I wear these dresses as well!



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