Friday, June 24, 2011

Amy's Old School Tips July Merchandising

The July merchandising blog is out on Etsy and here are a few highlights, you can check out the entire blog for more details.

First off Etsy is having a Christmas in July Community wide sale! Get  involved in the sale by tagging your sale items with the terms "christmasinjuly" and/or "CIJ" between the dates of 7/14/2011 through 7/24/2011. It doesn't have to be Christmas or July Themed and can include anything! 

Seasons Greeting Tray with Santa 

By:Dumpster Diver

Ruby is July's birthstone; July's astrological signs are Cancer and Leo (June 22 - July 22: Cancer, July 23 - August 23: Leo).

Vintage Ruby Red Marquise Cocktail Ring 

By: CarriersCozyCottage

Etsy recommends getting your fall and Halloween items listed mid July as well as Back to School items. Such as organizational, backpacks, satchels, lunch boxes. 

1967 Jack and Jill Vintage Childrens Magazine 

By: Ismoyo

Typewriters are an extra hot commodity with the closing of the last typewriter production company! Keep an eye out for them in your travels! 

 Remington Portable Typewriter with Case 

By: Lisabretrostyle

Summer is in full swing so remember the outdoors and travel. Keep in mind camping, the beach, countryside, forest and mountains. 

A Line Camping Backpack by Academy 

By: This That Other Things

Other popular items include: 

  • Wooden platform sandals
  • Carnivals and State Fairs
  • Biking/cycling 
  • Vintage large scale maps
  • Vampires
  • Chalkboards
  • Letters, numbers and symbols 
  • Monograms, zodiac and family trees 
  • Mermaids
  • Scandinavian patterns & motifs
  • Peacocks
Remember to refresh your tags to include updated trends, colors and seasons. Keep an eye out in your treasure hunting for hot items! Happy selling everyone!

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  1. Great ideas for things to keep an eye out for. I thankfully purchased a typewriter before they were too hot, a 1950's Hermes 3000! That Remington is awesome!



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