Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Let's Peek into the Shops of VMTEAM Members... Collectique

Let's travel back in time to peek inside of collectique's shop.

I adore the simplicity of these pie stackers- perfect for transport or storage.

And this rotary phone brings back memories! Perfect bedside or adjacent to a sofa for a relaxing conversation.

Do stop by her shop and see what other goodies are available!

Until later this week- when I announce something HUGE! XOXO, retrotrend


  1. So fun! And Collectique has some AWESOME Bar ware too!

  2. Many thanks for this feature, your both so awesome. I just got home from 2 days away and what a treat to find my shop featured, and also a sale on the pie stackers. I have more pie stackers in other colors that I must get listed. Thanks again, Grace



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