Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let's Peek into the Shops of VMTEAM Members... ddb7

Peeking into ddb7's shop is like travelling back in time. Beautiful ceramics, knick- knacks and collectibles abound.
This Bryce leaf dish is just lovely!

Always a fan of architectural salvage, this pair of knobs is a total score!

And who doesn't adore a charming piggy (or in this case, dough boy) bank? He is cute and can be yours for a steal here.

With hundreds of wonderful items to choose from, you are sure to enjoy browsing at ddb7 as much as I did.

Until next week... XOXO, retrotrend 


  1. Pillsbury Doughboy! So cute!

    Anne of VintageAndSuch on etsy.

  2. I'm grateful and humbled to be featured amongst such fine company.thank you....(~_~)




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