Friday, August 19, 2011

Amy's Old School Tips Slang the 1940's

Are you a hip cat (cool person) ? Have you ever snapped your cap (got angry?) Or is this all above your pay grade (don't ask me)? Well I am your eager beaver (enthusiastic helper) today and am going to take you on a little tour of slang through the decades, starting in the 1940's! See if any of this slang is familiar to you or  if it is all just gobbledygook (double talk)!

Hi sugar, are you rationed?
Meaning: Are you going steady?

I’m going fishin’
Meaning: I’m looking for a date 
Meaning: To Leave

Vintage Volupte Powder Compact with Three Crowns
By: MF Vintage

Meaning: Shoes

Velvet Step Black Leather Pumps

Active Duty 
Meaning: Promiscuous man

Arms and the Girl 1945 by Marguerite Mooers Marshall
By: World Vintage Books

Hit the silk
Meaning: To bail out, use a parachute

What is your favorite slang from the 1940's? 

Until next time, when I cover the 1950's, I am going to take a powder! Amy


  1. Thanks for making me smile today--and thanks for featuring my book here!


  2. Amy,
    You're one hip cat!
    Thanks for featuring my grandma's compact. This is hilarious, as I was born after the 1940s, and my husband was in the US Navy, "active duty" means something quite different to me.


  3. Love this post! Thanks for including us. Hugs and kisses, Chaco and Olivia



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