Friday, September 16, 2011

Amy's Old School Tips 1960's Slang

There was a lot of change in the decade of the 1960's! The rigid culture of the 50's created a pendulum swing and the social revolution that occurred in response to the Conservative norms, the Vietnam War and materialism became an entire movement leading to freedom from previous social taboos, racism and sexism that existed in the past. An entire counter culture emerged, the Hippies, complete with its own slang! 

Beautiful People - kindred spirits among hippies
Bent - grouchy or annoyed
Bogart - to "hog" something
Boob tube - television
Box - a record player
Bum trip - unpleasant event
Choice - Really cool
Crash pad - place to sleep
Dig - understand
Dude - geek (this one has the opposite meaning now!)
Don't have a cow - don't get upset
Dove - peace lover
Flip flops - thongs you wore on your feet
Freedom Riders - civil rights protesters
Glad rags - dress clothes
Groove yard - record store
Hawk - war supporter
Lingo - speech/dialect 
Out of sight - unbelievable 
Pokey - jail
Right on - very good 
Stay Loose - remain calm 
Tagged - to be caught
Vibes - persons aura 
What's your bag man? - what's your problem

It is really interesting to see what slang has changed, what has disappeared and what we still use today!  What is your favorite slang from the 60's? Did you grow up then or is it your favorite era? 

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