Friday, September 30, 2011

Amy's Old School Tips Etsy Fashion

Etsy is one of the most fabulous places for finding fashion and it has just gotten even easier to see what is in style at the moment! Etsy has created a Fashion section! It is divided into various sections such as "Men's Fashion", "Fall Fashion", "Steampunk" etc. It also has a great list of search words that are trending now which is fabulous to reference when placing tags into a treasury or an item you are listing! There is also currently a link to treasuries that have "Fall Fashion" in the title. This would be a great way to gain views of a treasury and our team by creating "Fall Fashion" treasuries at this time! How about creating a Fall Fashion treasury with a Halloween costume theme or cool weather wear etc? What ideas do you have for getting the most out of this new section on Etsy? Speaking of which, here is one I created with 100% Vintage Market Team members! Remember to post your 50% and 100% treasuries on the team Etsy Page.

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