Friday, September 9, 2011

Amy's Old School Tips Top 10 Reasons You Should Create Treasuries

Why should I take time away from, hunting, photographing, listing and tweeting and posting my items on my Face Book page to make a treasury with every body else's stuff? 
Here are 10 good reasons!
  1. Karma - also called "paying it forward", "reap what you sow", "what goes around comes around", "spread the love". Call it what you want but the point is the natural laws of causation, if you give something  positive to someone else something positive will be given to you! 
  2. Free Marketing - Free is good! When ever I am included in a treasury I am sure to click on the curators shop and heart them, if I haven't already, as well as heart a few of their items to draw attention to their shop! If you make a treasury people will look at your shop too!
  3. Front Page - Treasuries are chosen to be place on the Front Page (FP) of Etsy! If your treasury is chosen for FP you are sure to see a bounce in your shops views!
  4. Fun- It is fun to stretch your creative muscles and see what unique treasuries you can create! 
  5. Team Spirit - Creating treasuries with your team mates items spreads good will among your fellow Vintage Market Team members! 
  6. Research - Creating a treasury is a great way to research what other people are pricing their items at, how they are photographing, what unique things they are carrying etc. It gives you opportunity to search through Etsy viewing all the cool, creative and wonderful things people are doing!
  7. Recognizable - If you are creating a lot of treasuries and sending notes to the people included it will help you become recognizable which helps your shop grow in trustworthiness leading to more sales! 
  8. Social Media - If you create a treasury the people included are sure to Tweet it, heart it, share it on Facebook which will in turn help promote you!
  9. Activity Feeds - Your treasury will show up in other shops activity feeds which will in turn draw more views the the shops included as well as your shop (do you notice a trend in this theme?)
  10. Community Involvement - Have you noticed how cool the majority of people on Etsy are? Creating treasuries, viewing and commenting on treasuries is a great way to be involved in this unique community. I get lots of ideas by looking at other peoples treasuries and find it so fun to see the creativity and lovely, interesting, unique etc. treasuries people create! 
If you have never created a treasury before I have posted a tutorial on the Vintage Market Team blog previously or you can read how to create on on Etsy in this article

We are reworking the Treasury Challenge and replacing it with promotional treasuries that will focus on a season or a specific sale etc. If you create any treasuries there is a discussion thread on the Vintage Market Team page for you to post your Treasury creations either in the 50%, 100% and promotional topics.  This is a great way to market your treasury in order to increase its views! Many people are also on treasury promotion teams in which you list your treasury and comment on a set number of previous treasuries after which the next people in the line will comment on yours and they may post the treasury that you included them in on one of these threads! Views lead to sales!

What other good reasons do you have for creating treasuries? 


  1. Really useful tips, I want to Thank You for adding my pink waste basket to your Treasury. I appreciate all the help I can get. Thank You

  2. These are great tips. You've inspired me to make a treasury! This one is great, and I am honored that my necklace is included!

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  4. I've been so overworked lately that I'm neglecting a number of loves, including the creation of new treasuries. You've made me miss it that much more!

  5. So glad you have found the post inspiring! I can't wait to see everyone's treasuries!

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