Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Etiquette - Your Vintage Home by retrotrend

The best way to make anyone feel welcome in your home is to know the rules of etiquette.
Friends and family, co- workers and acquantences should all be made to feel at home - here are some easy ways to make a lasting impression.

Know your do's and don'ts with this book from Sarahendepity.
Never underestimate the importance of a proper table setting. Antique china and crystal don't need to be on display for every meal, but putting your silverware in the right spots is a must!

Forks from FalconandFinch.

Many etiquette books have sections for children too.
Do you know how to write a proper invataion? What about thank you notes? Check your etiquette books! Your children are never too young to learn the essential skill of a proper thank you note.

Proper doesn't have to mean boring, as you can see with these vibrant napkins from VitalVintage.

Another easy crowd- pleaser? Having someone's favorite appertief or digestif on hand. Wouldn't lemoncello look lovely in this set from ObjectRetro?

One of my favorite household etiquette tips?
I keep an antique chamber pot in my guest bathroom. And it's filled with travel toiletries- from samples to hotel bottles to extra toothbrushes. A pretty bowl or basket would work too.

Fresh sheets and towels are a must for overnight guests. Home cooked meals are a wonderful way to show you care.
What else do you do to welcome guests to your home?


  1. I love your chamber pot idea! I once was a guest, when I was in college, at a house that did something similar to what you do and it did make me feel so welcome and that I didn't need to ask for anything if I forgot it!

    I like to iron guest sheets as a bit of luxury! It is amazing that our grandma's used to iron sheets as a norm, but they feel so amazing! Then set a gourmet chocolate on the pillow!

  2. Thanks for featuring our napkins!

    I have friends that always have a little ice bucket with small travel size bottles of booze in their guest room waiting for me when I arrive. And guest slippers. I love both.



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