Friday, November 4, 2011

Amy's Old School Tips Get the Look My Week With Marilyn

In 1957 Marilyn Monroe went to England to film "The Prince and the Showgirl" with Laurence Olivier. My Week with Marilyn, is a British film that comes out November 23rd about a week she spends with an assistant named Clark while her husband, Arthur Miller, is out of the country. The romantic drama is filled with period details that can also be found from the Vintage Market Team on Etsy

Chic Vanilla Cream Wool by The Halle Bros By: BadChollaVintage

 Black Cashmere coat brown mink fur collar

By: RetroTrend

Black Velvet Hat Bow By: Soulrust

 Sheer Stripe Dress  By: SoulRust

Fitted Sweater Jacket

By: OpheliaVintage

By: BlackRain4

The story looks intriguing and I love a heated love story in a period with fabulous fashions! Are you planning on seeing it? 


  1. Thanks for the feature! It looks like a great movie!! I can't wait to see it! You did a great job finding Marilyn like items!

  2. This is brilliant! Very nice work coordinating items and thank you for the inclusion.

  3. I luv this is fabulous! And now this movie is definitely on my list! Thank you for including my confetti necklace. It's much appreciated! :O)

  4. Awesome idea, once again star quality post.

  5. What a wonderful blog! Your time devoted to the Vintage Market Team is so valuable and appreciated. I hope you always know that and feel that!
    Successful endeavors,

  6. So glad you all enjoyed it! I think the movie looks really good! All of your comments really made my day! = )

  7. We've just shared your post on our facebook fan page! Thanks for including our items, great team picks all around!

    Ophelia Vintage



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