Friday, December 16, 2011

Amy's Old School Tips A Vintage Christmas

There is still time to Have Yourself a Merry Vintage Christmas! The Vintage Market Team on Etsy has over 1,000 Vintage Christmas items  and over 17,000 Vintage decor, clothing, jewelry, toys, glassware etc.  that could be given as gifts for Christmas! Get your purchase in fast in order for it to arrive in time! Here are 16 fabulous Vintage Market Team items for your enjoyment!

I would love to hear what your favorite vintage decoration or item is you love to bring out this time of year!


  1. My favorite vintage decoration is a ceramic tree lamp that my husband's great aunt painted. It has little multi-colored plastic "lights" that glow when the lamp is plugged in.

  2. It really looking great.Vintage decoration things are very sweet and we can use it for decorations.




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