Thursday, January 12, 2012

Swank Home Decor For Less! - Your Retro Home by retrotrend

Lovely, aren't they?
I sold this set of glasses to a NYC interior design shop a few days ago. Yay for me, right? Let's just say (AHEM, Sex and Whiskey Glasses) that the glasses were obviously purchased for resale. Not really the end of the world, as I made some money. Also, I "rent" my basement office from myself and don't have to pay NYC prices for real estate, overhead, etc.

But it got me thinking- lots of other members of the Vintage Market Team have had this happen before. It is, after all, a free market economy and prices do vary seller by seller, region by region.

Without further ado- here are some completely swank vintage decor items that would be equally at home in a shelter magazine or high end shop. All brought to you by our team members, of course.

Check out this shapely '60s lamp from ArtDecoDame.

And this Industrial stool from lisabretrostyle2.

Let's not forget a place to store those shelter mags! This MCM rack from AmysOldSchool should do the trick.

So what is your favorite vintage score for your home? Did you discover it at a flea market, antiques sale, or at a high- end shop?


  1. Why thanks for putting my magazine rack in those ranks!

  2. I have a hard time picking just one vintage score from our house...the rolling laundry cart seems to get the most use, or maybe the kitchen table...or the stove. I really love it all! Most of it was either thrift-ed, or found at a flea market or estate sale.

    Thanks for adding my stool to the mix!

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