Friday, February 24, 2012

Amy's Old School Tips Vintage Black Out Survival Guide

Winter isn't over yet! Wednesday night the wind whipped through Colorado leaving a wake of broken trees, fences and anything that wasn't lashed down blew to new locations! The Vintage Market Team on Etsy can help with surviving severe weather and in my case a black out!

First light loads of candles. creating a lovely ambiance! Next mix some cocktails  and throw together some food that doesn't need heated up such as cheese and crackers or if you have a fondue pot melt some cheese and dip away! Head to the game closet and dust off a favorite game! After some competitive action sooth your tense muscles in a warm bath (the water will still be hot!) then slip into something more comfortable, wrap in a blanket and cuddle up close with someone to keep warm!

This survival guide works in numerous circumstances such as being snow bound, but you can enjoy the adventure of it even if you aren't experiencing severe weather! Turn out the lights and have a fun, dark  night indoors!


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