Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Photo Tips from Amy'sOldSchool

Are there any Etsy sellers you recognize simply by seeing a photo? I can think a some VMTeam members who I immediately know without looking at their shop name! Why does this even matter you ask? 

Recognition is a great way to market your "brand". We are a band of treasure hunters who wear many hats. We are purchasers, photographers, shippers and marketers to name a few. Recognition will help the people who love what you sell see you quickly as they search. There are many ways to stand out in the crowd that is the vintage category on Etsy. Here are a few of them: 


Blocks By: JHerrmann

JHermann always photographs against this striking blue wall. This is a unique color that really pops off the page. It is bright and vibrant which helps pull people in and see what else is in the shop. I see this blue wall and I know for a fact it is a JHerrmann item! 


   dress by: Jojos Retro and Vintage

Jojo often uses the same fabulous model for showing off her great vintage clothes. Using the same few models helps create consistency which will help people remember you. When I see this model I immediately know who is selling this item. Who wouldn't want to buy this dress?


One other way to create recognition is to specialize in a few items. Falcon and Finch specializes in cameras and silver. She has some other items but her main focus is on these main items. This helps create a following of people who like to collect the same things. 

In order to become recognizable by a photo alone you can use any one or a combination of these three suggested techniques of using an interesting color for a background, having just a few select models and/or specializing in a few distinct items!  Go to your favorite sellers and take a mental note of what technique they use and see what you can incorporate into creating your own "Brand" of vintage! Etsy is a leading trend setter and it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd but these three techniques can help! 

Other ways to help draw people into your shop on a photograph alone include lighting, creating a story with your picture and cropping to name a few but that is for another day! 

Many thanks to Amy'sOldSchool for these great hints! You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook. Looking forward to next week's Friday Photo Tips! - retrotrend


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