Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday Tip 2011, Week 4

Plastic Protectors for Paper Ephemera

Got vintage postcards?    Photographs?  Old family letters?  Are they in a box under the bed, or in Grandma's old album?

When paper treasures have been stored for decades in plastic sleeves, it's time to make a change.

Choose new plastic protectors labeled "archival" and "PVC-free".  Throw out old sleeves and album pages, because PolyVinyl Chloride's softening compounds eventually break down.  When they do, those chemicals will act on the ink and paper in your ephemera collection.

Some of the safe plastic products use mylar (polyester), polyethylene or polypropylene.   Buy packaged sleeves and album protectors, so you can read the manufacturer's information.

We're always looking for ways to care for our precious vintage objects.  Share your methods for cleaning, stain removal, storage, protection, etc.  Submit your tips to ThreeOldKeys, and we'll use them in future Tuesday Tips.
VMTeam cannot be responsible for any damage caused by cleaning suggestions shared here.


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