Friday, October 28, 2011

Amy's Old School Tips The Way Things Were

Remember when commercials had jingles and TV shows had theme songs? Advertising has evolved over the years as well as the products available.  I find it interesting the type of swag that is still used for marketing, like beer mats compared to things that aren't used anymore, like swizzle sticks! Here are some fun vintage advertising items from the Vintage Market Team.

Advertising Cereal Doll Pattern Panel 

By: LeonasOldeLinens

Advertising Wall Thermometer 

By: TwoLittleOwls

Paper Advertising Church Fan 

By: HazeyJaneVintage

Churchills Nightclub London Red Swizzle Sticks By: AmysOldSchool

Babycham Goldwell Snowball Bubblies Beer Mat 

By: Collectique

 1941 Coca- Cola tray By: ObjectRetro

Farm Advertising Rain Gauge 

By: Lisabretrostyle2

What is your favorite type of advertising swag? Do you collect anything advertising related? 


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