Friday, March 4, 2011

Amy's Old School Tips

Just as in writing a good paragraph, photography has composition components that help make a good photograph. We all have heard about magicians using a motion with one hand to draw the eye in a specific direction, the same can be accomplished by the use of an inferred or real line in a photograph.  

Diagonal Line

The line in Ode To Junes photograph starts in the bottom left corner and slants up which draws the eye into the photograph. When using a diagonal line it is also a great idea to line one of the lines up with the corner of your image for a more intentional look. The use of a diagonal line and tight focus help make this a very dynamic photo.  


Marigold Sewing Box by: Cheeky Vintage Closet

The inferred horizontal line in this photo by Cheeky Vintage Closet goes directly across the image. Using a horizontal line creates a more peaceful direct perspective giving the image a no nonsense feel. 

Curvy lines create a more sensuous and flowing  feel compared to straight lines . Vintage Linens also chose a dramatic black background that really lets the details pop in the lace. Another important aspect is the attention to detail with the immaculate ironing job. I am one to learn from this as sometimes I get lazy and don't iron something when I should!!!

These three composition techniques of using diagonal, horizontal and curvy lines can be combined or used alone to create more interesting and dynamic photographs.  Remember to try and include 5 photographs of your item with a variety of perspectives in order to give your customer the most visual information possible. 


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