Thursday, August 25, 2011

Amy's Old School Tips Slang the 1950's

Put on your binoculars so I can razz your berries with some cool threads and hot rods that you can get cranked about from the Vintage Market Team!  Don't cut out until you eyeball everything! 
Do you dig it? 

Pinky’s out of jail
Your slip is showing

Vintage 50s Navy Blue CHIFFON PLEATS Slip By: Bad Cholla Vintage

Give me a bell 
Call me on the telephone

Vintage Hour Glass Phone Timer By: Tasti Clife

Earth pads

Cast an eyeball
 Take a  look
Stable the horses
Park the car

 A child

Vintage Peter Pan Records Children Pig Dance

 By: Ddb7

Cute girl

 1950s Vintage Party Dress By: VintageFrocksOfFancy



Mirror warmer
A piece of  fabric (often cashmere) tied around the rear 
view mirror. A 50s version of the Medieval wearing your lady's colors.  

A Movie 

Movie Theater - Vintage Postcards By: Heritage General Store

Righto! The 50's were crazy for slang! Hope you had a blast! What are some of your favorites that I missed? 
Later Gator!  Amy


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