Friday, August 5, 2011

Amy's Old School Tips August Merchandising

The August Merchandising Blog  is out on Etsy and here are a few highlights, you can check out the entire blog for more details.

Tis' the season for back to school shopping from backpacks to lunch boxes, dorm room and apartment decor and of course clothes! Time to add tags such as "Back to School", "college", "university". Also, treasuries with the back to school theme are already hitting the front page. Be sure to put "Back to School" and "August Trends" as treasury tags.  Here is a link to all the Back to School items the VMTeam is offering! 

Girl's Plaid Jumper by: JHerrmann

Let's Go to School Vintage Book 1954  By: PardonMyPast

Think layers, boots, outerwear all in autumn color palettes.

1950s Brown & Black Floral Short Sleeve Day Dress by: DanaDaisys

60s Atomic Gooseneck industrial desk Lamp By: NowVintageRose Copper Pearl Cat Eye Eyeglasses By: BibbysRocket

It ins't to early to get your Halloween costumes, accessories, decorations and party themed items posted! Think pumpkins, diy kits, costumes, decorations. 

Simplicity 8714 Super Heroes Halloween costume  By: HeyChica

1977 Vintage Children's Craft Book Make a Witch, Make a Goblin By: Ismoyo

1980's Cheerleader Uniform ByLoverlyVintage

70s Green Halter Dress with Marabou Jacket BySoulRust

Canning Season  is open as I declared in last weeks blog and adding tags for "preserving", "autumn harvest", "summer garden bounty", "farm", "rustic" and "woodland motif" are all recommended by Etsy. 

Vintage Blue Ball Jar with Glass Lids By: CheekyVintageCloset

Travel is a year round focus and luggage is ever popular! Look out for items that are outdoor activities such as beaches, forest and mountains, and use those words for tags. 

Hartmann Blue Tweed & Leather Travel Suitcase By: VitalVintage

New Jersey Vintage Postcards By: HeritagePostcards

1950s dress with Eurpean postage stamp print By: DustyRoseVintage


Vintage Mexican Onyx Tribal Face Mask By: ZephyrVintage

TRIBAL Crop Top By: MediaVuelta

PERIDOT is August’s birthstone; August’s astrological signs are Leo andVirgo (July 23 – August 23: Leo, August 24 – September 23: Virgo).

Peridot rhinestone & pearl Brooch Periot by: TootsysTreasures

With the final episode of Harry Potter wizard, magic, owls and mysticism are trending. Check out the previous blog on Get the Look Harry Potter

Antique Silk Edwardian Blue Cape By: FadedFrocks

With the Smurfs movie coming out this summer the Smurfs and Smurfette are trending. 

Smurfette Happy Smurfday Tissue Centerpiece By: DaisyToad

Also Trending are: 
So, read the entire August Merchandising blog , update your tags to fit the searching trends, make treasuries with these themes and good luck selling! 


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