Friday, July 29, 2011

Amy's Old School Tips - Canning Season

Remember the old Bug's Bunny cartoon where Bugs and Daffy are moving Elmer Fuds Gun back and forth pronouncing it Rabbit or Duck hunting season trying to get the other one shot? Well, I officially announce the opening of Canning Season!

My mini garden is about a 5'x3' feet patch of dirt that I experiment planting things to see if they really do need full sun in order to thrive. I have discovered that my shady little plot has one good spot to put a tomato plant and that my mint thrives no matter what the weather, so much so that I have decided to make mint jelly to give as gifts this next holiday season, thanks to RetroTrend for the idea!

Isn't this watering can a fabulous retro color?!  
And it has such fun lines to it, making a chore a pleasure! 

1970s orange EMSA plastic watering can By: ObjectRetro

Here are some fabulous vintage jars that would make perfect presents filled with my homemade concoctions! The Year Round Preserving book would have great recipes and shows how canning was a part of everyone's summer  experience in the past! Want to make some cherry pie or jam? The pitter will make the job go much faster with vintage flair!

Vintage Blue Ball Jar with Glass Lids By: CheekyVintageCloset

I have canned a couple times and am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination so, for good information on the technical side of canning you can check out the National Center for Home Food Preservation. And, if you don't have a garden you can go to your local farmers market and pick up fresh items to preserve. If you know a number of friends with gardens have a canning party, where each person brings something different and work together to can a variety of things to trade! Now is the time to start working on homemade gifts to give on the holidays! 

Wouldn't you look cute carrying this basket to the farmers market?!


Herbal infused oils/vinegar 

Watch out Mint, it is now Canning Season! 

What have you canned before, are you an expert? What are you going to can? Do you have a garden and have you visited your local farmers market this summer! What ideas do you have for incorporating vintage items, food and gifts? I am excited to hear everyone's ideas! 


  1. an excellent presentation! I'm honored to be included in this great article and wonderful team. now on to the Market and get ready for the Fall.

  2. Excellent! Now, to figure out how to make mint jam ;o)Thank you so much!

  3. Fun post always!

    I pride myself as being an expert at nothing ;)

    I have canned pears before...they turned out very nicely, if I do say so myself.

    My garden this year is pitiful. This is our first year with an experimental galvenized container garden...and we got waaayyy to much rain. Next year it will be fabulous!!

    I love the farmers market and get there as often as I can.

    Vintage tins, baskets and other containers of course make for an awesome presentation of any homemade food stuff. Cookies and candies in tins, zucchini and other homemade breads in baskets woven or wire, or wrapped bread in a vintage loaf pan, any of your canned goods in vintage jars placed in any variety of wire baskets...super sweet when you add in some vintage linens (table cloths, napkins or dish towels) for cushioning, and my favorite is a honeymoon basket filled with romantic homemade finger foods, fresh in season fruits, cheese (homemade or from the farmers market) vintage glasses, get the idea...perfect for the special couple to share on their special night...fill in again with vintage napkins and put it all in a vintage wire or picnic basket.

    Ok, I could go on...but I'll stop :)Thanks for including my basket!!

  4. Thanks everyone! Great ideas Lisa! I love the gift idea of vintage linens! We use cloth napkins in our family and I think that is a fun gift!

    I have canned a pearsauce that was similar to applesauce and I have made applesauce as well but I only froze that.

    We enjoy our farmers market as there is a fountain that shoots out of the ground for the kids to play in! One of our favorite summer things is grilled red onions and grilled beets, they just taste so wonderful!


  5. Wow, that reminds me that harvest time is getting close. Hard to believe this is the last weekend in July I have never canned before but do enjoy some canned venison and salsa that my son-in-law cans up. We go up and raid his garden these days, since we stop having one. It's so much easier when someone else does the manual labor don't you think. This was a great read and many thanks to you for sharing it and including my shop.
    Hugs and Blessings

  6. This is a great article! I just finished canning my tomatoes for the year. It's a lot of work but so worthwhile. Thanks so much for including my booklet! :)

  7. I love the basket. A forgotten art form, to be able to preserve the fresh vegies and fruit.

  8. Your idea is very great. Vintage tins, baskets and other containers of course make for an awesome presentation of any homemade food stuff.
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  9. Great post, mint jam? I'm intrigued! And love those old canning jars - I keep beans, rice, etc in mine. Always looking for more.



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