Friday, April 15, 2011

Amy's Old School Tips To Tag or Not To Tag

I know what a tag is, you say!  Tags are the little piece of cloth in your shirt that say is brand, size and care instructions etc.  

Chic Cerulean Striped Dress and Jacket Set 

By: Shoppe And Yore

Yes that is a Tag. Another kind of Tag is the key words used to describe your items for sale on Etsy. Tags are important because they are what search engines, like Google, use for getting people to what they are looking for. (note: if you are selling vintage clothing that has a tag in it include a photo of the tag. It shows the brand, gives clues to the age based on the graphics and can give clue to the amount of wear an item has!)  

First and foremost as vintage sellers, our number one tag has to be the word "vintage" even it it is a quilt your grandma made back in 1930, this is a vintage item for our purposes. 

As a member of the VMTeam we must include a "VMTeam" tag. This makes searching for our team items a complete breeze and is vital to our treasuries and promotion searches! 

After this vintage tag is placed we have a remaining 13 tags to fill in. Now, in order to optimize views of your items you should fill in EVERY Tag. This is one of the most important tools we have to help sell our items! So, I will repeat, fill in EVERY Tag! 

This is where I would create a list of unique descriptive words but the work has already been done for me!  Check out this fabulous Etsy blog entitled Tag-O-Rama for an excellent list of descriptions! 

Etsy also only allows one word for tag line unless it is something that goes together like "Sterling Silver". They are going to be enforcing their tagging rules more now and if you put something like "Red White Blue" they will require you to put one word in each tag line. Here is your work around, in your title you could put Red, White and Blue scarf and then you don't need to include those words in your tags, you have already covered them! 

Finally, make sure to update your tags to include ones from the new merchandising newsletter that Etsy puts out. This will keep your shop up to date with current trends which will help your sales grow. 

For all the complete Do's and Don'ts of Tagging Etsy can fill you in! 

Some unique Tags from Aprils Merchandising Report:


Vintage Thermos - Blue with Geometic Design 

By: Rainy Penguin Vintage



Chippy Old Red Tin Snips 

By:Shop Good Grace


So, get descriptive, use your title to your tagging advantage, update tags regularly and fill in every tag! Feel Free to post any questions or great tag descriptions! 


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