Friday, January 13, 2012

Amy's Old School Tips Get the Look Downton Abbey

Season two of Downton abbey just began (for us Yanks) last Sunday. It is a wonderful period Masterpiece classic show on PBS that tells the tale of the fictional aristocratic Crawely family, Lord and Lady Grantham, their daughters, the children's love interests, the Dowager Countess (the Lord's mother), and their extensive staff. the First season swung into gear with the sinking of the Titanic. The second season begins at the Battle of Somme during the first world war.

The writer and creator, Julien Fellows, also wrote Gosford Park. The costumes are absolutely LOVELY! The setting is amazing with the exterior and most of the interior filming are taken at the imposing Heighcere Castle in Hampshire, the servants quarters are filmed on a set. The plot leaves you waiting for the next episode.

Don't worry if you missed the first season or the first episode of season 2 you can catch them on PBS online!

Here are some fabulous Edwardian pieces offered by some Vintage Market Team members:

Edwardian Petticoat Slip with lace By: LucysClosetVintage
Edwardian Cape Clasp By: TheQuiltersAttic
Black Velveteen Bodice Blouse By: BibbysRocket
Black Lace Brogue Oxford Shoes By: BibbysRocket

Are you already a fan or planning on catching up? I can't wait to hear your impressions too! 


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