Friday, October 21, 2011

Amy's Old School Tips What Keeps You Inspired?

What inspires you when you don't feel inspired? 

What gets you to the flea market, camera or 

computer to list items when you are in a funk? 

What keeps you from throwing in the towel?

Vintage Naughty Hand Towels 


What keeps you motivated when it feels that all the air has left your balloon? 

Vintage Built-Rite Sewing Cards 

By: BlueJunesRetroDeco 

What keeps you from closing up 
shop and holding one ginormous, awesome  garage sale?

By: AtticRat

What keeps you from throwing out the baby with the bathwater? 

What keeps you from calling it a day? 

The Do-Something Day 1982 

By: SeriousVintageYall

This is to you "long time listener, first time caller."  Please write your secrets below! 


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