Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Member Feature ~ Week 3

This weeks featured member is Susan from MyAtticsTreasures.
1- Tell us a bit about yourself?
Married 21 years, with (2) children ranging in age from 9 years of age to 20 years old. Have had a love for antiques/vintage since an early age. I always enjoyed looking at pictures at my great aunts house & hearing the stories that went with them. She married in 1934 & the bedroom set that they had was an art deco piece. That was my first love affair with the old!
2- What do you sell?
I sell a little bit of everything. When I tell people what I sell, I say, everything from Pyrex to lingerie!
3- Favorite decade for vintage?
I get very excited when I find things from the 1940's into the early 1960's. No particular time.
4- Favorite vintage item you own? Or regret having sold in the past?
My Fire King jadite!
5- Favorite item you are currently selling? And why?
My favorite item in my shop that I am selling is, the Jack and Jill nursery lamp by Irmi from the 1960's. They were made here in the US, but hava a German style of wood carving or craftmanship that you can't get today.
6- Best advice for newbies?
Don't get discouraged! Sales don't always come at first & we all know they sometimes won't come everyday. ask questions & do your research on your items!
7- Favorite web sites? Or blogs?
I don't have a favorite web site. I am on so many for so many different things for research. The ones that I do favorite don't have anything to do with my business!
8- Favorite movies? Or TV?
I have so many favorite movies from the 1930's all they way up to now, that I couldn't just say one or two! But, I do love, Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, Bette Davis and so on!
9- Favorite music?
I grew up in the entertainment business and have a love for all music! From classical, opera to the rap music of today. I do however currently favor country music. From Johhny Cash to Brad Paisley.
10- Favorite books? Authors?
I read cookbooks like others would read a novel. Julia Child will always be my favorite in that catagory. I also have a love for F. Scott Fitzgerald. Love the time period that his stories took place in.
11- Wher do you see yourself in ten years?
I hop to open a physical location in the next year. I have very unique plans that would include my vintage business with another concept. I hopw that will take me to another level of success.
12- What elso should we know about you/your business?
I work veryhard at keeping my shop current. I had no idea when I opened my shop almost a year ago that it would be such a hard thing to do. Many things that I have learned along the way, I wished I had known at the start.
13- List your links.


  1. Lovely to read about other vintage sellers and their experiences. Excited for myattictreasures current success and the prospect of opening a bricks and mortar shop !

  2. Hi!
    How can I get involved with an Etsy team of vintage sellers?
    I have been one since last year and want to get involved.
    Let me know.
    XO Emily from ELVintage

    EL VIntage:



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