Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meet the Members of Vintage Market Team- danadaisys of Concetta's Closet

1- Tell us a bit about you?

I am a mid-30s, married mother of two originally from NYC but I now reside in New Hampshire. I'd like to consider myself unique and different. I started wearing vintage when I was in the 8th grade (NO LIE!). My friend and I discovered a vintage store, and we were already what some like to now consider "indie" by means of music and the style that we dressed. We started wearing lots of 30s/40s dresses, as well as bell bottoms from the 70s. The late 80s were an awesome time for music and style, and also a great time for self expression. I am glad to have been able to experience that decade!

2- What do you sell?

Vintage clothing (from the 60s-80s mostly), shoes, handbags, accessories, jewelery and some home decor here and there.

3- Favorite decade for vintage?

Oh thats an easy one, I would say anywhere from 1965 to 1975. I love everything from MOD to Disco.

4- Favorite vintage item you own? Or regret having sold in the past?

Hmm, it would have to be a leather envelope clutch from the 50s. I bought it in Portland ME a few years ago and got a great deal on it. It goes with almost everything I own and is in amazing condition. I got it for a great price too!

5- Favorite item you are currently selling? And why?

A 1960s Tiffany Blue Silk Swing Coat. Its gorgeous in color, fantastic in condition and such a great piece for someone who LOVES color!

6- Best advice for newbies?

Stay organized. Nothing is worse than having piles of clothing and not knowing what has been photographed and what hasnt, what needs to be sent to the post office or how much you paid for something. Oh and make sure to look over EVERY.SINGLE.PIECE before buying it. So many times stains have appeared when I got home because of bad lighting or my lack of giving the item a good lookover.

7- Favorite web sites? Or blogs?

I love the WishWishWish blog, she has great style and I love her photos.Craigslist has really been good to me for my vintage searches!

8- Favorite movies? Or TV?

Ok, I will admit. I am a reality TV junkie. Guilty Pleasure!!!

9- Favorite music?

It really varies, but I am a diehard late 80s new wave fan. My first concert was Morrissey in 1991. New Order, Depeche mode, Joy Division, The Cure, Siouxsie - you get the idea. But I also dig a lot of the newer indie stuff, and I LOVE BOOTIE parties! (Google it!)

10- Favorite books? Authors?

I havent read a book in ages, bad, I know. But I do enjoy reading online :)

11- Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Oh boy. One kid out of college, one kid in college. Living somewhere warmer hopefully as I dont think I can stand another New England winter for much longer. Hopefully Charleston SC?! And owning my own vintage store of course!

12- What else should we know about you/ your business?

I am a very hard worker. I have amazing work ethic too. I used to work in Online Media back in NYC, so I have a knack for online marketing and social networking. I have been working with a local radio station and record label and have been putting on fashion shows with my vintage. I like to get my name known locally so that when I do eventually open up my store, I have a presence!

13- List your links.

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