Sunday, September 19, 2010

Time to Vote: VM Team Treasury Challenge: Autumn Wedding

We've just finished our first Etsy treasury challenge and it was a big success! Even though some thought the theme was a little difficult, everyone rose to the challenge and did a great job! Using Etsy's hotness scale, I have added the top three to the poll on the right---->

Cast your vote for your favorite of the three and that Etsy seller will get a shout out on our blog later this week! Voting is open until 5pm EST on Tuesday, September 21st!


  1. Oh I think your hotness scale is broken, as I can't find my shop in the line up...~JK

    but seriously props to meeting a challenge!

  2. They're all so fabulous, how could I choose?


  3. They are all gorgeous so it is hard to pick! I love the treasury by edible complex!



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