Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Meet the Members of Vintage Market Team- Anne of VintageAndSuch

1- Tell us a bit about you?

I am constantly in a state of reorganization! I like to save things that remind me of events, occasions, etc. I also love yard sales and thrift shops. I have learned how to determine if something is meant for me... If I know right away what I plan to use an item for, then I'm allowed to let myself buy it. If I have to stop and think 'hm, what could I use this for?' and if I don't get an answer right away then I leave it behind. Once in a while I have regrets but they are far outweighed by the savings in both money and space by items I wisely left behind. My other rule is a two year limit so that I try not to keep things forever and never ever get around to using them in the way planned. If approximately two years go by I try to decide if it's time to let go. Recently I've finally admitted to myself that I simply don't have the space to display these items so I wrestle with the thought of keeping things in storage or not keeping them at all. When the decision is to not keep them, my Etsy customers win! Because I list them in my Vintage And Such shop.

2- What do you sell?

A wide variety of vintage items! From military collectibles, Girl Guide or Girl Scout treasures, postcards, patterns, Canadiana, magazines and more! In addition to my 'Vintage And Such' shop, I have two other Etsy shops, one for quality handmade gifts called 'ennadoolf' and the other for supplies called 'Patterns And Such'.

3- Favorite decade for vintage?

I've never really thought about it... there is so much to appreciate in each decade! I am going to go on to the other questions and if I think of something I'll come back. If you're reading this and I've not added anything then you'll know I just love something about so many decades that I couldn't decide on a single one!

4- Favorite vintage item you own? Or regret having sold in the past?

I still have my original Barbie - she's not the very first Barbie ever made but she's an early 1966 American Girl brunette Barbie. She's dressed in an original creation by me - she lost her original vintage wardrobe quite some time ago.

5- Favorite item you are currently selling? And why?

The Dutch tiles.
I am of Dutch heritage and love the colour and pictures in these tiles. I kept them for the longest time hoping I'd find the perfect spot for them in my home but I finally had to admit that they simply had no spot here. I do have other Dutch items on display and know that whoever buys one or both of these will love them.

6- Best advice for newbies?

You can't sell it if you don't list it.

7- Favorite web sites? Or blogs? (Clickable links, please.)

Websites: - especially the Canadian pages

and of course the Vintage Team blog as well as the many blogs of our members!
8- Favorite movies? Or TV?

Movies - Anne of Green Gables, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
TV - I watch way too much tv but for a good reason - I knit while I watch tv! The ones I tape to be sure I don't miss are Amazing Race, Survivor, The Mentalist, Big Bang Theory and Dancing with the Stars

9- Favorite music?

Almost all types of music and tend to listen to radio stations that play a good mix. I love to fill my ipod with seasonal music in December and listen to it all month long.

10- Favorite books? Authors?

I have a collection of Anne of Green Gables books by Lucy Maud Montgomery and there are some I have not yet read. I thoroughly enjoyed the Harry Potter series and still need to read the last one. I have six books on the shelf behind me that I bought last year to read and I'm part way through Pride and Prejudice - I tend to read magazines lately so that I read smaller articles rather than books because I seem to be more focussed on my sewing and knitting at this time in my life.

11- Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Spending my days at leisure! Sometimes knitting or sewing or reading, sometimes browsing thrift shops and such, sometimes driving through the countryside with my hunny maybe stopping in to see museums and other local places of interest.

12- What else should we know about you/ your business?

You never know what you'll find in my Vintage And Such shop as it will always have variety!

13- List your (clickable) links.

my Etsy shops:



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