Friday, March 11, 2011

Amy's Old School Tips

When perusing the wonderful items on our Vintage Market Team I notice two main styles of product photography which I will classify as Crisp and Rustic. Crisp photos usually have a white background and are uncluttered and well focused. The rustic style often has a darker background and may also include a wood surface under the item. Both styles are wonderful and it is just a matter of taste when deciding what style you prefer!


 Black Patent Leather Purse Crown Lewis 

by: TheWayTheyWore 

A white background helps an item to POP off the page. It creates a high contrast between your merchandise which shows off your items great features. It is clean and crisp! 

 Watermelon Heliotrope Rhinestone Bracelet 


ZephyrVintage often uses a mirror as a background. This creates a bright backdrop that reflects the shine of this lovely bracelet. If you choose to use a mirror it is important to make sure it is very clean as this one is or the smudges will show up in your image. 


Silverplate Oneida Paul Revere Reproduction Bowl 

by: Jacquierae

Here is a fabulous example of a rustic style of product photography. It contrasts wonderfully with the classic silver bowl which reflects the wood grain on its surface. This would also be a good example of using the horizontal layout I discussed last week.

ArtDecoDame has taken advantage of a rock as a rustic background. When available, it is great to use natural light such as this and she has also added a vignette which rounds off the corners giving a retro look. Finally she has used a diagonal line  which gives a more dynamic feel to the image. 

Play around with the type of background you use and see what you feel most comfortable with. I recommend that once you find one you prefer to stick with it as it will help you create your store image. Using the same color background or type of background can help your customers recognize you without seeing your shop name! If you would like more information on creating a recognizable shop you can read about it in my Tip's from January 14th.   Keep up all the wonderful product photography as it gives me great images to discuss! 


  1. Great topic! I love learning about new ways to approach photography. Both styles are appealing. Thanks for including my bracelet as an example of the "crisp" style.



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