Friday, April 29, 2011

Amy's Old School 3 Is a Magic Number

Take two of something and add one more and you go from a pair to a collection. In interior design a collection of things should be placed as a group, not sporadically around a room. This gives the collection weight and is much more visually interesting. A collection or arrangement is also more dynamic if it is an odd number of items, stick to 3,5,7 etc. and a variety of sizes. This can translate to our Etsy shops by offering items as a "instant collection". This takes the thought work out of the equation showing customers just how this item could be a feature in their design.

7 Architectural Cast Iron Stars 

By: World Vintage

If you have multiples of one kind of item but intend to sell them separately you can include a photo of them as a collection with links to the other items in that photo. This will help people visualize as well as continue shopping!

Trio Collection of Three Vintage 

Funnels Enamelware Metal 

By: Three Old Keys

I love the idea of a collection of things that are also graphic and functional. I think that is why I like tins and boxes so much. They can be stacked for an architectural effect as well as filled with trinkets, stamps, paper clips, band aids etc. I want all of these small tins to make my junk drawer go from a big mess to fabulous!

Klean Write Frankel Carbon & Ribbon 

Company Tin 

By: Sarah Anntiques

A collection of lunch boxes would look cool on a shelf in a study, laundry, craft room or kitchen. Medium size items could be stored in them and they would look great with labels attached as well! As a side note, I used a vintage black lunch box as a purse back in the 80's when I was a punker in high school! 

Vintage Metal Basket 

By: J Hermann

Hat boxes, suitcases, wooden crates and jewelry boxes are all great items for a collection. They are perfect to stack and put in high places for storage.

Large Green Gift Box from 

Simpsons Department Store 

By: Vintage And Such

In your description of an item suggest ways in which your item could be used that are unique. Give them ideas for what could be stored in them or how they could be stacked or displayed. Add the tag "storage" to tins, boxes, luggage and crates. Create a collection of items to list as a single item for sale and use the rule for odd number groupings. 

Happy Vintage Lifestyle! 

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  1. Great idea about how we can use the idea of collections in our shops through our photos. I am trying to improve my photos as I list new items, and this gives me another way to make my photos and listings more interesting. Thanks!


  2. I concur with Patty --- It is great exposure as well --- I love old tins and such --- really appreciate the inclusion! Hope everyone has a great weekend!



  3. Love this! So many unique things! Thanks so much for the include and have a great weekend!

  4. Wow, some excellent tips in this post - thanks so much for sharing! And thanks for including my vintage Simpsons box!
    Anne at VintageAndSuch on etsy.

  5. Great ideas here! Thanks for including my stars.


  6. Great idea for instant collections! Thanks for including my licorice wafers tin, too!
    Roni, VintageJewelsAndMore



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