Friday, October 7, 2011

Amy's Old School Tips Slang 1980's

The Valley Girls really had a large influence on the slang of the 80's, so much so, that their slang became known as "Valspeak". "Qualifiers such as “Like”, “Whatever”, “way”, "as if!", “totally” and “duh” were interjected in the middle of phrases and sentences as emphasizers"  (Wikipedia) Take a look! 

Totally Awesome! 
Something extremely good

Vintage Pyramid Puzzle Pyraminx Tomy Toy 

By: Ismoyo

Totally Tubular! 
Means awesome

Vintage 80s Dress

 By: BadChollaVintage

Means Cool

Don't Have a Cow! 
Meaning don't freak out

Goldwin Continental Green Ski Coat and Pants  

By: AmysOldSchool

(same meaning today it just got started then!)

Blazer stomper toy 4x4 mini size 

By: SelloholicMom

Like, Gag me with a spoon!  
Means Disgusting

Vintage red Wide elastic 80s rocker Belt 

By: HipandVintage

Putting together the slang of the 80's with the fashions and items of the 80's gives an interesting perspective about the decade. The colors and patterns are bold and vibrant and allot of the slang is upbeat, playful and positive!  What is your conclusion as to why the 80's had such big hair, bold colors and patterns combined with the positively slanted slang? What is your favorite slang from the 80's?


  1. This was so me! Out of college and ready to go!

  2. Many thanks for including my Stomper in the post :O)



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