Friday, June 10, 2011

Amy's Old School Tips Got Spirit? Yea, Yea!

Team spirit is the feeling of pride and loyalty that exists among the members of a team and that makes them want their team to do well or to be the best. Definition from Reverso.

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How does team spirit translate to the Vintage Market team? 
First I believe being a part of this team gives a sense of belonging where you can receive support, recognition, camaraderie and help in growing your vintage business. These benefits are two way benefits. It takes each member to give and receive in order to be a successful team.

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It is no mystery that it is each team members responsibility to contribute to the team in order to achieve the sense of belonging and success we desire. There are numerous ways to contribute and here are many of them:

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  • Build and promote treasuries - We all like free marketing and this is one of the most powerful marketing tools at our disposal. Here is an Amy's Old School Tips on how to create a Treasury if you don't know how yet. Make a personal goal for building a certain number of treasuries per week or month. I strive to make at least one treasury a week but if this is too much for you shoot for one every other week etc. Be sure to check out your team mates treasuries and click, comment and promote them. They are listed in the team discussion Etsy pages
  • Take part in the Treasury Challenge - this is weekly challenge with one members items used as the theme item. If your treasury has the most views one of you items will be used in the challenge. 
  • Check the team discussion pages regularly to see what is happening on the team, post questions, post new items listed etc. It is the main place to see all of the team information.
  • Use the team social media like the face book fan page, Follow the team twitter, Chat on the team Facebook Chat page. And promote the team on your own social media sites and blogs. 
  • Take part in the team  sales events.  These are great opportunities for mass marketing as the team markets as a group and will reach more people than individually. 
  • Read and interact on the team blog with comments, tweets and likes. 

We have 177 members on the Vintage Market Team and we have some really involved members but  it isn't 177 really involved members.  I am sending out a challenge to you to see if there are any ways you might be able to get more involved. Think about the various ways you  contribute to the team currently and add one or two from the list above. Pick something you would enjoy that isn't a chore and add it to your weekly task list. The added investment will benefit you and the team mutually! Be a cheerleader for the team and its members!

Gooooooooo TEAM! 

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