Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Limoncello - Your Retro Home by retrotrend

Every holiday season, I make a batch of limoncello for consumption, and for gifting to friends.
The first version I made was from this Washington Post recipe.
Not being a recipe cook, I love to fiddle with soak times and ingredients- but it's a great place to start. Lime and orange peels work very well too. I adjust the sugar to taste.
A small Mason jar or flask of limoncello and some homemade caramels or cookies make for a perfect hostess gift.
Limoncello is also a wonderful addition to trifles and cocktails. A fabulous digestif, best served cold.

The yellow liquid would look smashing in these Ball jars from lisabretrostyle2.

Or in this Cranberry glass decanter set from ObjectRetro.

Do you make, bake or distill gifts for the holidays? What are some of your favorite offerings?


  1. One of our favorites! We should have made homemade when we lived in CA with a Meyer Lemon tree in the backyard!!



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